About Us

Lucion Services is a group of risk management companies with unique specialisms in five core areas that comprise of the identification, measurement, control, remediation and education of risk management. Together we offer our customers a holistic approach towards risk management, tailored to their requirements.

We understand the complexities of projects which may require additional services to enable the commencement or completion of works. Our teams are highly trained to identify potential gaps and obstacles which otherwise may disrupt project time scales.

We specialise in high risk level projects. Regardless of the size or complexities of a job, we manage all projects with the highest integrity and compliance standards.

Our highly trained teams ensure you receive all the specialist advice and support required for the commencement or completion of projects across all parts of the built, natural and marine environments.

Meet the team

Dr Patrick Morton Dr Patrick Morton C.E.O, Lucion Services
Robert Patterson Robert Patterson Financial Director, Lucion Services
Phil Rozier Phil Rozier Chief Commercial Officer , Lucion Services
Charles Pickles Charles Pickles Chief Technical Officer, Lucion Services
Ross Boulton Ross Boulton Sustainability Director, Lucion Services
Andrew Wise Andrew Wise Managing Director, MPC Remediation
Kevan O’Neill Kevan O’Neill Principal Consultant, Salbrook Vance Consultants
Chris Parr Chris Parr Compliance Manager, Lucion Services
Lee Kerridge Lee Kerridge Laboratory Technical Lead, Lucion Environmental
Grace Matthews Grace Matthews Marketing Manager, Lucion Services
Victoria Pullan Victoria Pullan H.R and Learning Co-ordinator , Lucion Services