About Us

Lucion Services brings together a group of multidisciplinary risk management companies to help clients achieve full compliance with occupational and environmental safety regulations.

Across the group, our skilled and fully qualified staff deliver a range of dedicated hazard identification, assessment and remediation activities to ensure the prevention of harm to people, property and the environment.

In bringing these essential services together we can offer our customers a comprehensive approach to risk management or specialist support that is tailored to their specific needs- from initial surveys and analysis, through evaluation and education, to high level mitigation strategies and the implementation of effective control measures.

Our widespread expertise means that we fully understand the complexities of risk control processes across all parts of the built, natural and marine environments and regardless of the size or complexity of a project we manage all tasks with the highest integrity and compliance standards.

Above all, we recognise that workers should always be protected from the occupational risks they could be exposed to and our highly trained teams provide the specialist advice, support and guidance that is required to maintain this fundamental objective in line with the health, safety and environmental regulatory framework.


Meet the team

Dr Patrick Morton Dr Patrick Morton Chief Executive Officer, Lucion Services
Phil Rozier Phil Rozier Chief Commercial Officer , Lucion Services
Charles Pickles Charles Pickles Chief Technical Officer, Lucion Services
Ross Boulton Ross Boulton Chief Risk Officer, Lucion Services
Chris Parr Chris Parr Assurance Director, Lucion Services
Robert Patterson Robert Patterson Financial Director, Lucion Services
Jeremy Meredith Jeremy Meredith Business Manager, Innov8 Risk Consultants
Kevan O’Neill Kevan O’Neill Marine services Director , Lucion Marine
Lee Kerridge Lee Kerridge Laboratory Operations Manager, Lucion Environmental
Grace Matthews Grace Matthews Marketing Manager, Lucion Services
Katherine Bridle Katherine Bridle Human Resources Manager, Lucion Services