Asbestos The Truth Conference Spotlight Session: SEM in schools, live panel

12th October 2017

Asbestos The Truth Conference 2017 returns to Manchester on the 8th November. Hosted by Lucion Services, the one day event has rapidly become a “must attend” for a range of professionals in asbestos related roles including project managers of construction projects through facilities and estates teams of educational institutions.

With only 2 weeks to go, Lucion are pleased to announce the latest session in their 2017 line up:

“Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), the case for greater reassurance air monitoring in schools.”

Facilitated by Dr Patrick Morton

Panellists: Adrian West of Wrexham County Borough Council, Colette Willoughby of BOHS, Mark Ede of Durham County Council and former HSE Principal Inspector Martin Stear.


Following on from Martin Stear’s session “Asbestos Testing, up in the air” the panel discussion “SEM, the case for greater reassurance air monitoring in schools” will be addressing the growing public concern over the potential harmful effects of asbestos in schools and the current measures taken to prevent exposure vs that of improved measures such as SEM. It has long been recognised that the disturbance of asbestos containing materials in schools can lead to harmful fibres being released, becoming airborne and being inhaled.

This can lead to damaging health effects on both teachers and children. To safeguard the occupants of schools there is legislation in place that places various responsibilities on duty holders to assess and manage the risks from asbestos to employees and others.

Although airborne sampling is not normally needed in schools, it is required to provide a safety ‘clearance indicator’ to demonstrate that a working environment is safe following any asbestos removal works. Modern air monitoring and analytical techniques now have the capability to detect much lower concentrations of any asbestos fibres present, yet in 2017 our industry still uses a 1960’s method as a means to safeguard children and teachers.

Against a background of scarce resource in local authorities and educational institutions, could this method now provide the solution to properly allocate budgets for the treatment and removal of the most dangerous ACMs in schools?

With a rising number of annual cases relating to mesothelioma claims and national news reports revealing councils in England have paid out at least £10m in compensation, could SEM be the answer in demonstrating that buildings containing asbestos are being well maintained and that occupants are not being exposed to dangerous levels of airborne fibres?

Facilitated by Dr Patrick Morton, the panel discussion will see Adrian West of Wrexham County Borough Council, Colette Willoughby of BOHS, Mark Ede of Durham County Council and former HSE Principal Inspector Martin Stear all take to the stage to share their unique insights on this popular subject.

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