Asbestos Management Plans


Asbestos Management Plans

Asbestos Management Plans provide details of how the asbestos within buildings, identified or presumed, is to be managed.

Our team of expert consultants are able to provide clients with the development of a comprehensive Asbestos Management Plan to ensure the effective and compliant management of asbestos. If any ACMs (asbestos containing materials) are found that are releasing fibre or are likely to do so in the near future, the plan will advise whether the ACM should be repaired or replaced.

In both cases, the plan will also state if the work can be carried out by a competent contractor or whether a licensed asbestos contractor is required. In many cases, if the ACM is in good condition and is not being abraded or likely to be abraded or disturbed in the near future, the plan will state that it should be left in situ, but have its condition checked on a regular basis.

How regularly the ACM should be checked will depend on the product, i.e. its age, position, how easy it is for the building’s users to access, etc. In other cases, the plan will recommend encapsulation, either by painting with a proprietary sealer or by boarding in, and state how regularly the encapsulation should be checked. The Asbestos Management Plan must be available to anyone who needs to know. This could include residents, workers, contractors, tenants, etc. The management plan must be kept up to date as changes are made to the building and its surroundingss.

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