Legionella Risk Assessment

Lucion Environmental

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, known to kill around 12% of those who become infected, particularly individuals with reduced immunity to infection.

In low numbers the bacteria are generally considered harmless however people may become infected when they breathe in tiny water droplets known as aerosols that are contaminated with elevated concentrations of legionella bacteria.

If you manage and maintain the water systems in a building, then you are responsible for  the risks of Legionellosis posed to building users and visitors and formulate a scheme of control for removing or reducing those risks.

In partnership with HBI, we deliver a fully comprehensive Legionella control service, designed to assist service providers in actively reducing the Legionella risks that their building water systems may pose.

These services include:

  • Legionella Risk Assessment (UKAS Accredited)
  • L8 Monitoring Regimes
  • Microbial Sampling
  • Legionella Awareness Training
  • Online Legionella Control Packages
  • Water System Schematic Drawings

Water System Schematic Drawings

The HSE Approved Code of Practice L8 (2013) recommends that an up-to-date plan showing the layout of the plant or water system form part of any written scheme of control for Legionella.

In partnership with HBI, we can assist customers by creating Water System Schematic Drawings for inclusion in their written schemes of control.

These CAD drawings are an essential part of day-to-day Legionella risk mitigation and are an affordable way of navigating and understanding building water systems.