Marine and Offshore Hazardous Material Consultancy

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Within shipping operations there are various requirements to adhere to all manner of international regulations and statutory documentation. Knowing all the appropriate procedures relating to the running of a marine vessel is not an easy task.

Hazardous material management on-board marine vessels and offshore platforms is now one of the most complex growing requirements for maritime operators across the globe.

Hazardous materials come in the form of explosives, flammable and combustible substances, poisons, toxins and radioactive materials.


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These substances are most often released as a result of misuse, or more commonly, unknowingly being disturbed. Commonly ships and offshore platforms will contain quantities of asbestos, CFC gases, PCBs, TBTs and a selection of toxic heavy metals within the structure, plant or componentry.

Having seen recent international involvement from the IMO and the Hong Kong Convention, along with the newly anticipated EU Regulations of Ship Recycling, hazardous material management is another problem for owners to have to understand.

We specialise in the management of high risk hazardous material management including : The identification of hazardous materials, Management plan audits, Invitation to tender (ITT) documentation and tender Analysis and Recommendations.

With the help of our services, we can assist in compliance of SOLAS, the Hong Kong Convention and the EU Ship Recycling Regulations.

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