Marine and Offshore Water Safety Plans


Marine and Offshore Water Safety Plans

Water safety management is becoming a greater priority in light of current and pending guidance and legislation, public awareness and high profile water-related issues within the marine industry.

Ship owners should treat the issue of potable and recreational water safety management as a key element of their corporate risk management policy, understanding the potential exposure to expensive litigation, negative publicity and global brand damage.

A Water Safety Plan (WSP) is a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management approach that encompasses all steps in water supply, from source to consumption, in order to ensure the safety of potable water.

The approach has been developed to organise and systematise all practices applicable to potable water safety.

Lucion have developed an accredited inspection programme that covers every aspect of a ship’s water management operation.

This process highlights any risks or bad practice and ultimately results in the issue of a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) to the vessel, which becomes part of the owner’s due diligence documentation.

Such a comprehensive audit and inspection document ensures an audit trail for future reference.

It also provides auditors of your SMS or QMS, both internal and external, with a comprehensive audit document that ensures an audit trail for continuous improvement (a management system essential).

In the event of system contamination, an illness outbreak or other water quality assurance issue, the CoC would provide supporting evidence that water system risks had been properly evaluated and demonstrate due diligence by the company.

Finally, a CoC provides all stakeholders (guests, staff, management, shareholders, insurers, travel agents etc) with the assurance that water safety management is not only taken seriously but also has been ratified by an independent body as being over and above minimum legal requirements.

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