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QR Code Asbestos Labelling

Lucion have introduced a new concept that combines the traditional asbestos ‘A-sticker’ warning label with quick response (QR) codes to enable all pertinent information on the presence of any asbestos in a particular location to be made immediately available to whoever may need it.

The QR code concept provides the availability of a traditional asbestos register that details where asbestos containing materials (ACMs) have been identified in a building with an interactive label that provides direct access to the detailed information needed to ensure the safe management of that particular situation.

To achieve this the QR code on the label is linked directly to digital site survey records incorporating full details of the condition of any asbestos containing materials (ACM) present, access restrictions and other safeguards that are required by anyone who may need to carry out work in the vicinity.

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The detailed survey information is included on a password protected and proprietary NexGen database, giving clients full information of their own particular building or situation, and enabling any subsequent updates from re-inspections or pre-refurbishment surveys to be easily added.

Making this information directly accessible to contractors, tradesmen and buildings maintenance personnel from the label at the critical control point where ACMs have been identified is intended to significantly reduce the risk of any damage or disturbance at those areas.

It is widely understood that as long as the ACM is in good condition, and is not disturbed or damaged, there is negligible risk. But if it is disturbed or damaged and fibres are released into the air it can become a danger to health.

The new interactive A-labels are therefore being introduced as part of a comprehensive workplace system to provide accurate information on the location and condition of any ACM for anyone involved in work at that location.

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