Ship Recycling Facility Plans (SRFP)

Lucion Marine

The Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP) is the main document relied upon by Competent Authorities (or an organisation recognised by them) when authorising a Ship Recycling Facility. Site inspections are used to verify that the Facility operations conform to the description in the SRFP; therefore it is critical that the SRFP should fully describe the operations and procedures that are in place at the Ship Recycling Facility to ensure compliance with the Hong Kong Convention and the EU Ship Recycling Regulations.

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The SRFP should also demonstrate knowledge and understanding of all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; a strong commitment to worker health and safety and protection of the environment and describe the operational processes and procedures involved in ship recycling, demonstrating how the requirements of the Convention will be met.

A SRFP should provide information regarding the organisational structure and management policies of the Recycling Company, an overview of the Ship Recycling Facility and methodologies relating to ship recycling.

In addition, the SRFP should provide sufficient detail to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the production processes and project management associated with ship recycling and that the Ship Recycling Facility uses valid and practical solutions to the technical problems inherent in ship recycling.

The SRFP should furthermore anticipate alterations to recycling operational processes as a result of the discovery of previously unknown factors or items during ship recycling and procedures should be established for identifying and dealing with previously unknown features.

Once we have completed an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), we will have in depth knowledge of the vessel and its component parts. Using this information, we can accurately build our clients an internationally recognised SRFP, providing evidence based advice on how to deal with the hazardous material content. A visit to the yard from one of our surveyors will allow us to compile an audit report of the facilities currently being used, or that are planned on being used, and provide if necessary, suggestions for improvement or recommendations that could allow the yard to deal with a greater range of hazardous materials in the future.

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