Ship Recycling Plans (SRP)

Lucion Marine

In accordance with the 2011 Guidelines for the Development of the Ship Recycling Plan, we can prepare an internationally accepted Ship Recycling Plan (SRP). These guidelines provide stakeholders, particularly Ship Recycling Facilities, with recommendations for the development of a SRP that complies with the requirements of the Hong Kong Convention, and the new EU Ship Recycling Regulations which require the Ship Recycling Facility to develop a ship-specific SRP.


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The guidelines are split into two parts: general guidance on information that should be gathered and reviewed by the Ship Recycling Facility for use in the SRP, and guidance for the recommendation content of a ship-specific SRP.

The SRP should be approved by the Competent Authority and verified as properly reflecting the information from the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) during the final survey before an International Ready for Recycling Certificate can be issued.

Preparation of the SRP should, therefore, begin well before a ship arrives at a Ship Recycling Facility. The Ship Recycling Facility should also cooperate with the shipowner in order to incorporate all relevant information into the SRP that might affect its safe and environmentally sound recycling. The Ship Recycling Facility should obtain the completed IHM, taking into account possible variations resulting from the ships subsequent operations.

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