Our mission. Our culture. Our team.


We pride ourselves in building trusting and sustainable relationships with all our team members. Our trust is built upon three key foundations; engagement, motivation and value.

We support every team member in finding their job satisfaction and career pathway with Lucion. Our team members align their values with the organisation’s mission.


To make the world a safer place to live.


Our mission is reflected in all our operations as a risk management group. Our mission is core to our culture.

In 15 years we have grown from 2 to over 300 employees. We have 12 offices and 4 divisions across the Lucion business. Our culture is vital to building and growing our business and creating a safe, collaborative and innovative working environment for all our team.

With a great culture, we are able to attract and retain great team members. And with a great team, we are able to continue growing and consistently deliver trusted risk management solutions to our clients.

Through our mission and our culture, we have created an environment that supports the growth of our team.


View our culture book and watch our video and discover what it means to Be Lucion:

Asbestos Careers

Asbestos Careers

Asbestos Careers