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We have a company of supportive peers, a culture of transparency.
Through our ambition, we have created an environment that supports the growth of every single person in our business.

We believe in rewarding hard work.

We believe in treating everyone as an individual.

We believe in benefits that step outside of the box.

We are innovative, progressive, a thought leader.

As market leaders, Lucion strives to work towards a progressive and more inclusive future.


Take a look at our gender pay gap report and the steps Lucion is taking to improve our position.


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Our Culture…

In 15 years we have grown from 2 to over 300 employees. We have 12 offices and 4 divisions across the Lucion business. Our culture is vital to building and growing our business and creating the working environment we want for our team.

With a great culture, we are able to attract and retain great employees. And with great employees, we are able to continue growing in order to consistently deliver trusted risk management solutions to our clients.

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