Project Overview

Calico Homes are a housing association centred in Burnley employing over 300 people. They look after the maintenance and renovation of a large portfolio of properties helping the local community. Due to their maintenance support team continually needing to intrude on the fabric of the buildings they work in, they identified the need for further asbestos awareness training.

Following a company study by Lucion there were several layers of the Calico structure that would benefit from gaining further knowledge about the common activities that might involve coming into contact with asbestos.

Higher level members of the team obtained the P405 — Managing asbestos in premises. These are the people that continually need to arrange and organise safe access for the workers and where asbestos is found arrange the removal works. It is also essential that these people are able to instruct and understand different types of surveys.

The next tier of training was for the supervisors that directly managed the site work. They obtained the P402 — asbestos surveying qualification. This gave them more experience and confidence when faced with unexpected works or where questions have been asked about materials located during works. They are now fully aware of how to interpret an asbestos survey meaning there is no guess work.

A select team of onsite workers obtained the UKATA Category B — Working with non licensed materials qualification, allowing them to safely handle low risk materials during their daily works without having to employ additional subcontractors at an additional expense and time delay.

With these levels of experience now in place, Calico have become a much more efficient and effective company when it comes to managing the safety of it’s employees and members of the public. Their top to bottom approach to asbestos knowledge in the company has been a successful step in becoming a well known and trusted community business.