Project Overview

Helix Well Ops is the established leader in rigless offshore well intervention, providing fast, flexible and high-quality well management services. Lucion undertook a survey for a supply vessel, MSV Seawell, tailored to suit a pipe work replacement project at sea.

The scope of works stated that gaskets needed to be considered, but not sampled in their entirety. The client expected that the gasket material would be either asbestos containing or not asbestos containing. However, of the 100 gaskets sampled, 50% contained asbestos in a random distribution (not limited to single specific pipe runs).

The client did not want the unplanned asbestos issue to cause a delay to the costly refurbishment program. Lucion’s innovative solution was to put a mobile laboratory on the vessel, allowing for instant access to sample analysis.

Working closely with the pipe fitters, we were able to provide immediate notification whether gaskets needed to be treated as asbestos containing.

If not, the pipe fitters could continue uninterrupted. The laboratory was the first UKAS accredited mobile laboratory and allowed for over 3000 gaskets to be analysed on site over a 6 month period. The mobile laboratory, able to be distributed to anywhere in the world, cuts logistical fees considerably. We trained the pipe fitters in our UKATA accredited training school, to Category B Work with Non Licensed Asbestos Materials, so they were qualified to remove the gaskets using locally controlled methods.


Lucion's diligence and commitment to providing us with a service of high quality coupled with both integrity and honesty has been continuous and they have always been happy to provide advice and guidance on all matters related to the management of Asbestos Management. We will continue to use Lucion and would be hard pressed to find a company who understands our procedures and risks with such consideration and understanding. Lucion come highly recommended on all fronts.

Helix Well Ops

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