Project Overview

Raven Housing Trust is a charitable social housing provider based in Redhill, Surrey which owns or manages more than 6,000 homes. Since 2008 we have surveyed over 5000 properties for the housing trust.

Lucion undertake asbestos management surveys in occupied properties, and hybrid surveys which include a management survey to the entire property with localised pre refurbishment surveys in kitchens and bathrooms prior to Decent Homes refurbishment work.

Full pre-demolition surveys are also undertaken in all vacated buildings.

We also provide the housing trust with a range of additional services including; utilising an approved list of asbestos removal contractors to ensure value for money during asbestos removal operations, undertake annual material condition re-inspection surveys to residential communal areas, air monitoring and site supervision during asbestos removal projects.

In addition to this we provide the inclusion of production of removal specification, contractor vetting, and on site management including certificates of reoccupation and assisting in asbestos policy and procedures. All data is provided by Lucion in a format which permits direct upload to our online risk management portal “NexGen“.


Lucion have provided a range of services to Raven Housing Trust including management surveys with localised pre-refurbishment, clearance and, reassurance air testing, bulk sample analysis and site management, all of which have been carefully planned with the appropriate health and safety measures in place. Any working at height and access to loft spaces is done by appropriately trained employees in teams of two to provide added safety. Lucion continue to impress me, and I can always rely on their ability to deliver a contract in a safe and timely manner, whilst taking in to account the needs of individual projects, our clients and residents.

Raven Housing Trust