Project Overview

In 2013, we carried out a pre-demolition survey for the identification of asbestos as well as other insulating materials using similar principles, for the purpose of identifying respirable ceramic fibres, other respirable fibres and ozone depleting substances contained within blown foam insulation on the UK Petrochemicals plant.

Both of the sites that we worked on were situated adjacent to live high hazard process sector operation sites. Due to this, all aspects of the project needed to be carefully planned and managed with the safety of all parties considered paramount. Minimisation of disruption and efficient liaison with neighbours and local authorities was also a high priority.

The redundant Paraxylene plant was in the process of being decommissioned and isolated, though due to the other operating assets in the area, the survey had to be carried out around live plant and equipment.

The Paraxylene plant, which ceased operating in 2008, processed xylene feedstock, removed benzene, toluene, C9, C10 otrho-xylene and ethylbenzene through distillation processes and produced Paraxylene.

All surveyors working on the project were required to wear flame retardant overalls, safety footwear, gloves, high vis jacket, light eye protection (LEP) and helmets alongside asbestos related respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Throughout the project, the site teams were audited by the our Project Manager and weekly progress meetings were held with client and their decommissioning manager reported on the progress of the project and the results of the site audits.