Project Overview

USL Group is an international civil engineering and construction organisation focusing on bridges, tunnels, car parks, rail and major structures. We were responsible for overseeing the removal of 120 tonnes of asbestos containing waterproofing from the A556 bridge over the M56. The existing tarmac was planed down to 25mm above the waterproofing and we took cores before the planing commenced to establish the thickness of the existing tarmac.

Once the planing was completed we removed the remaining tarmac and waterproofing. The original waterproofing system which we removed was a bituminous sheet system Famliner C250/C500 dating from the 1960’s. All the debris was disposed of as asbestos waste to a licensed hazardous waste transfer site.


This role was undertaken with a high degree of competency, which was replicated by staff across all levels of the company. I can confidently recommend the services offered by this company and I look forward to working them on future projects.

Universal Sealants UK Ltd