Chesterfield College Takes Positive Step In Protection: Asbestos QR Code

4th December 2018

Chesterfield College has been one of the first in the UK to implement Lucion Services’ specialist new QR code labelling system designed to replace or complement traditional asbestos warning labels.

As one of the countries leading education providers, Chesterfield College supports the learning needs of over 10,000 students and apprentices, with both classroom and work-based training provided from a range of buildings and premises located across Chesterfield and further afield.

The college has adopted the new quick response hazardous risk and asbestos QR code-based system from their current established provider of asbestos management and consultancy, Lucion Services. The QR code system has been implemented to ensure that full details of the presence of any asbestos in a particular location are made immediately available to relevant stakeholders including both internal teams and external contractors.

The QR Code Concept

Asbestos QR codes have replaced and been combined with the use of the traditional asbestos ‘A-sticker’ warning label. The concept will enable relevant stakeholders (internal teams, external contractors, members of facilities management and anyone else the college wishes to name to have access) to access hazardous risk and asbestos information, including the asbestos register. The information is highly accurate and informs the user precisely where the risks are.

The use of Lucion Services’ risk and asbestos QR code to link to an online database is designed as a modern, fast and effective solution to ensure that asbestos registers are made available in premises at all times, overcoming the limitations associated with the traditional use of paper-based systems. The QR code on the label is linked directly to digital site survey records incorporating full details of the condition of any asbestos containing materials (ACM) present, access restrictions and other safeguards that are required by anyone who may need to carry out work in the vicinity.

All asbestos and hazardous risk information delivered via the scanned QR code takes the user directly to on-site access to the building’s ‘Nexgen’ digital site survey records on Lucion Services’ risk and asbestos management NexGen database. This gives clients full information of their own assets anywhere in the UK and enables any subsequent updates from re-inspections or pre-refurbishment surveys to be easily added.

Want to know about Lucion Services’ innovative, free Risk and Asbestos Management Software, NexGen? Click the link below to discover more:

asbestos warning label

Daniel Wainwright, Health and Safety Officer of Chesterfield College said:

“We take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously and regard the use of QR codes in this way as a highly innovative and effective means of helping to ensure the safety of our staff, students and anyone working in our premises.

“We have established a very thorough working relationship with Lucion. With their input, our asbestos management practices have improved significantly so that the risks to any sub-contractors working on our site are now at an all-time low.

“In introducing the college to this new system, the professionalism and levels of support shown by the Lucion staff in Sheffield have been outstanding.”

How Can QR Codes Benefit Your Health & Safety Processes?

Making this information directly accessible to contractors, tradesmen and buildings maintenance personnel from the label at the critical control point where ACMs have been identified is intended to significantly reduce the risk of any damage or disturbance at those areas.

Patrick Morton, C.E.O of Lucion Services, explains: “Because the labels are applied as surveys are undertaken, there are significant time and cost savings associated with their use. There is no need to make repeat visits to sites to re-apply labels or information notices and their hard-wearing versatility also means they can also be applied to outdoor structures.

“Making this information directly accessible to contractors, tradesmen and buildings maintenance personnel at the critical control point where building works are intended will significantly reduce the risk of any damage or disturbance in those areas.”

What Information Do The QR Codes Allow Users To View?

Want to know what teams and contractors see when using the risk and asbestos QR Codes? Download the QR Code scanner app on Android (via Google Play) or iPhone (via the App Store) and scan the QR Code below for an example of what your teams, contractors and relevant stakeholders will get access to through your QR Codes or click here to access via desktop: Asbestos QR Code

Asbestos warning label

Discover More

Want to know how QR codes could help you to safeguard your teams? Find out more with Lucion Services Asbestos QR Codes:

asbestos warning label

Further Reading

Lucion Services NexGen Risk Management Software:

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