Setting The Standard: Future Risk Management 3D Software NexPlore

15th January 2019

Risk management specialists, Lucion Services, continue to develop NexPlore 3D software, setting high standards for the future of risk management software.

Hosts of the Asbestos The Truth Conference, Lucion Services took to the stage to present their latest development in risk management technology NexPlore, 3D risk management software designed to provide greater levels of safeguarding and protection.

With over 15 years experience as a group of risk management companies and a strong reputation as risk management software pioneers, Lucion Services have been implementing their 3D building management plans incorporated with hazardous risk data, giving their clients transparency and greater reassurance when managing their assets’ hazardous risks.


Chris Wilson, Lucion Services Humber & East Riding Regional Manager, presented a live demonstration to the delegates in attendance of the Asbestos The Truth conference, showing NexPlore’s software capabilities and features.

Watch the seminar and demonstration of NexPlore and view 3D building plans incorporated with risk management data:

risk management

risk management

The detailed 3D plans and risk management information is included on a password protected NexGen database, created by Lucion Services, giving clients detailed information of their building or asset, and enabling any subsequent real-time updates from re-inspections or pre-refurbishment surveys to be easily added at any time from any location.

Want to know about Lucion Services’ innovative, free Risk Management Software, NexGen? Click the link below to discover more:risk management

How Can Your Health & Safety Processes Benefit From NexPlore?

NexPlore provides a new level of protection when it comes to risk management software. By incorporating risk management data (updated in real-time) into highly accurate 3D visualised building plans and giving access to these plans to relevant stakeholders (such as internal teams and contractors), clients can be assured that they have put in place effective safeguarding measures.

“It’s essential that clear information is provided to everyone involved in the supply chain or with access to a building. This can minimise the potential risks associated with exposure to asbestos-containing materials during refurbishment or building works.

“The new NexGen app is already proving to be a valuable weapon in the fight against the dangers of asbestos. It provides those working onsite with a better idea of potentially hazardous materials, cutting the risk to health and safety.” Dr Patrick Morton, CEO Lucion Services.

Discover More

Want to know how NexPlore could help you to safeguard your teams? Find out more with Lucion Services Smart Tech Nexplore:

risk management

risk management

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