In an unprecedented move, Redhills, a major player in asbestos management, has joined Lucion Services to create a new market leader, uniquely positioned to deliver the ultimate client solution towards risk management.

In recent years, the risk management marketplace has experienced a number of developments as customers articulate what they need and challenges including increased fragmentation of supply from smaller market players.

In turn Lucion have always quickly adapted, responded and supported clients with the challenges they face. From technological advances to technical knowledge and skills, we have consistently placed ourselves at the cutting edge of industry development.

With the industry and marketplace evolving quickly, the coming together of Lucion and Redhills makes total sense in terms of building upon Lucion’s already successful business strategy and delivering a more efficient, stronger and robust service offering for Lucion and Redhills clients.

Lucion Environmental and Redhills are of a similar size in terms of both staff and turnover. The companies occupy similar positions on public sector frameworks, working for similar clients but have complimentary sector expertise within their market positions.

This development now places Lucion in a position to deliver and grow at an even greater pace, with a greater network of expertise and over 40 years of combined industry experience.

Together both companies will drive innovation across the sector whist delivering an unrivalled high quality range of environmental and health and safety risk management services to customers in the UK and overseas.

...imagine what we can achieve together.

Your questions, answered...

Q: Who are Redhills?

Established 30 years ago in 1986, Redhills is one of the UK’s leading asbestos and environmental consultancies, with eight regional offices and laboratories. The highly regarded company provides specialist environmental surveys, laboratory analysis, consultancy, management, compliance and safety training services.

Redhills was acquired by Silverdell Plc in 2006 and subsequently acquired again by venture capitalist firm, RCapital, in 2013, who have supported the business to the present day.

The total workforce is 215 people, including an expert team of over 140 highly qualified and experienced environmental consultants, surveyors, analysts and project managers. In the last financial year, the firm had a turnover of £12.8 million.

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Q: Who are Lucion Services?

Established in 2003, Lucion Services are a group of environmental and occupational safety management companies with specialisms in five core areas including the identification, measurement, control, remediation, and education of risk management.

Lucion’s head office (and UKAS accredited laboratory) is based in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear and leads a network of eight regional offices, employing 180 staff. In the last financial year, turnover was £12.2 million.

Lucion Services comprises of 5 business divisions including:

  • Lucion Environmental – Specialists in the surveying, analysis and testing of asbestos containing materials.
  • MPC Remediation – Expert hazardous material remediation offering ground investigations, contaminated land remediation, underground service identification and asbestos remediation in structures.
  • Salbrook Vance Consultants – Strategic hazardous material management consulting, contaminated land project management and consultancy, hazardous material management, strategic asbestos management consultancy, asbestos abatement project management and seconded asbestos consultancy.
  • Innov8 Safety Solutions – Specialist health and safety services including CDM client advisor support, construction phase plans, principal designer health and safety support, project CDM advisor and site safety audits.
  • Lucion Training — Preventing and minimising health and safety risks through education and training.

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Q: What will happen to current clients of Redhills and Lucion?

Over the years, clients of both organisations have come to expect a high quality service as standard and in undertaking the acquisition, not only will business continue as usual without interruption, but clients of both companies can expect to see some very exciting developments over the coming months.

Going forward, the Redhills business will be a trading style within Lucion Environmental Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lucion Services): Redhills and Lucion Environmental shall be the same Legal entity, namely Lucion Environmental Ltd.

As such Lucion Environmental and Redhills will be branded separately, but will come under the UKAS accreditations, trade certifications, insurance policies, and banking arrangements of Lucion Environmental Ltd.

Both businesses will continue to operate as separate organisations, with the added benefit for current Redhills clients to access innovative risk management systems to further support them in their roles.
Obviously we will be getting in touch with clients to ensure all questions are answered, however we are also welcoming any direct queries (please fill out the contact us box at the bottom of this page).

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Q: Will clients still have access to local branch/office/contacts?

Yes, whilst Lucion will take ownership of Redhills assets, both Lucion and Redhills operations will continue as normal with the added client benefit of access to additional offices and risk management specialists, allowing greater coverage and expertise.

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Q: How will this acquisition benefit clients?

In the past 12 years Lucion Services have gone from strength to strength, remaining at the forefront of technological advances, thought leadership and unrivalled expertise.

As with previous acquisitions which have broadened our service offering and enabled clients to benefit from a holistic approach towards their risk management requirements, the introduction of Redhills to Lucion Services presents an additional benefit of increased efficiencies in service delivery, creating a large-scale leader in the health and safety market.

With the risk management marketplace experiencing a shortage of talent and lack of high quality risk management providers, the joining of these two businesses provides our clients with an even broader range of skilled professionals and increased levels of expertise.

As the technological reliance increases across the risk management sector with the recent introduction of BIM, Scanning Electron Microscopy and secure online risk management solutions, Lucion’s gaze is firmly on the progression of these advances by working collaboratively on research and development projects, ensuring our products, knowledge and service delivery are at the cutting edge of the industry.

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Q: Can Redhills clients still access Alpha Tracker?

Yes, to give you the best service we can, we have arranged to extend the Redhills license with Alpha Tracker for an additional 12 months.

Click here to access Alpha Tracker

All data collected forward of the acquisition process is available to be viewed on Lucion Services Risk Management System “NexGen“. Access to NexGen is free to all clients by registering here.

If you need to view your asbestos data on a single system you may wish to explore the benefits of migrating “Alpha Tracker Data” across to NexGen. If this is something you want to talk to us about, please fill in the contact us form below.

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