Our Knowledge

We deliver risk and asbestos management services and consultancy to the nationwide various utility clients.

The utility network in the UK comprises buildings and structures which have been built over decades, and in some cases, centuries. This however only scratches the surface of the areas to be considered when working on the utility network. High voltage cabling, clean water contamination, highly specialist access equipment requirements, ecological considerations and of course the necessity of these sites being operational 24/7 to service the population mean that working in these environments is an extremely specialist area.

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Our Training

To continue to deliver our services in this sector, specific training of surveyors/analysts is key, with the likes of Water Hygiene Cards (Blue Cards) and BESC scheme registration being a regular requirement for our customers.


Nationwide Coverage

National coverage and a large workforce is in some cases essential to delivering these types of projects, and demonstrating the competence of both the company, and the individuals working for us through registration with Achilles UVDB, Achilles FPAL and a rated supplier on the CIPS Sustainability Index (CSI) provides assurance and a commitment to providing quality work in a safe manner.


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Case studies in this sector...

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UK Electricity Transmission Product Manufacturer

In 2012 Lucion was approached to provide a UK Electricity Transmission Product Manufacturer with specialist asbestos management consultancy.

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UK Electricity Network Operator

In 2010 a UK electricity network operator commissioned Lucion to carry out asbestos management surveys to over 200 primary substations over a 9 month period.

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