Complete risk management for your industry

Lucion Services brings together a group of multidisciplinary risk management companies to help clients achieve full compliance with occupational and environmental safety regulations. Across the group, our skilled and fully qualified staff deliver a range of dedicated hazard identification, assessment and remediation activities to ensure the prevention of harm to people, property and the environment.


With over 15 years industry experience, the UK’s largest UKAS accredited asbestos testing laboratory and a heavy focus on investing into innovate technology, our clients can be assured of our commitment towards delivering trusted asbestos management. Our highly experienced team of surveyors, analysts and consultants provide clients with a holistic approach towards managing asbestos in their property portfolio, from surveys and management plans through to complex project management of asbestos removal. We understand the importance our clients place on quick turnaround times and easy to access, reliable data, which is why our laboratory operates 7 days a week and we provide all clients with access to their very own Online Asbestos Management System ‘NexGen’ at no additional cost.

Asset and Facilities Management

With our many years of experience working with clients in facilities and asset management roles, we understand the importance our clients place on being "a step ahead of the game" in order to identify risks before they become hazards. When our clients choose Lucion, they can be assured of a holistic approach towards managing their assets and facilities. Not only do our dedicated team work with clients to solve the immediate issues identified but are able recognise any additional risks that would otherwise prevent our clients from supporting their organisations in improving the effectiveness of its primary activities.

Corporate Compliance

We apply a sensible and effective approach towards delivering safety compliance, supporting organisations to embrace safety and ensure it adds value to their project or business. We understand that clients who procure corporate compliance services place a great deal of importance on communication, coordination and cooperation with other duty holders, which is why we ensure transparent systems of work in safeguarding our customers’ workforce and anyone else who may be affected by their works. We support our customers in the areas of corporate compliance through driving the development and delivery of compliance frameworks, ensuring company-wide visibility into incidents and trends, corrective actions and process metrics.

Hazardous Substances and Environments

Within both the workplace and domestic properties, hazardous substances and chemicals can cause major damage in the event of an accident and can cause long-term negative effects for human health or the environment. Working with our clients who have a duty to manage hazardous substances or the environments in which they are present, we are able to identify and assess risks and provide long term management solutions, enabling our clients to remain compliant.


Hazardous material management on board marine vessels are now one of the most complex growing requirements for maritime operators across the globe. With the international gaze firmly focused on the health and safety of maritime workers, and the protection of the environment, ship owners can not afford to have the topic of hazardous materials mismanaged, and the requirement for competent specialists is considered by most to be mandatory. With our internationally recognised accredited laboratories, Lucion Marine have been servicing the global marine industry for the past ten years. We offer trusted hazardous material management to marine and offshore platforms and vessels, assisting in the compliance of SOLAS, the Hong Kong Convention and the EU Ship Recycling Regulations.

Safety and CDM

Our clients have various obligations placed on them in order to manage compliance and safety systems within construction projects, our aim is to streamline and simplify these obligations in demystifying industry jargon and working with clients to achieve their end goals. We are known for our fresh and dynamic approach towards construction safety and are committed to providing innovative solutions which are practical, efficient and cost effective, ultimately driving the successful delivery of all projects on time and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Smart Tech

At Lucion, our aim is to provide all customers with added value across all of our projects, no matter the size or complexity. Speed, accuracy and access to instantaneous data is at the core of our service delivery to all clients.

Specialist Ground Works and Investigation

As more brownfield sites are developed, the problem of how to make soils and made ground safe for developers, clients, and contractors is ever increasing. Land contamination can have significant adverse effects on human health, property, ecosystems and water quality (eg rivers, groundwater and lakes) and needs to be managed appropriately. We offer expert services in environmental issues to both developers of brownfield sites and those dealing with unexpected environmental incidents. Applying an efficient and holistic approach towards identifying risks, our team of environmental experts strive to help clients achieve minimum disruptions to planning projects which otherwise results in increased costs and project delays. We understand the importance of responding quickly to our clients needs in projects involving contaminated land, which is why we provide a fast response from our UK wide team of expert consultants and a quick turnaround of samples with a laboratory operating 7 days a week. Removing any additional work for our clients, we apply a best practice stepped approach from the initial site review and desktop study through to intrusive site investigation and site remediation, tackling the most complex scenario in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


We deliver specialist Health and Safety courses drawn from our experience as a group of risk management companies with compliance at the core of our business. We have a dedicated team of trainers, offering certified training delivered to the highest standards. All training courses are flexible and can be tailored to suit our clients precisely.