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Asbestos Exposure Assessments

Uncontrolled asbestos exposure is often a result of asbestos management failings and should be investigated fully in order to assess how or why the incident happened and how the people involved were affected. Questions, such as:
Is the identification of asbestos containing debris a major concern?’

‘Have employees been exposed, and if so, to significant or dangerous levels?’

‘How do we explain to those affected?’

The fact that the relationship between disturbance of an asbestos containing material or debris containing asbestos to an absolute airborne fibre exposure is circumstantial and the exact exposure could only ever be known at the time of disturbance, means that when carrying out exposure assessments Lucion Consulting ensures that it is a bespoke exercise tailored to the specific factors involved in each scenario.

The assessment will include a combination of theoretical reporting based on previous research and our catalogue of previous exposure assessments. Additionally, physical inspection and testing methods can be utilised to assess the environment under investigation and allow us to draw reasonable conclusions.

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