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Asbestos Management Plans

Our team of asbestos management consultants are able to provide technical expertise for asbestos management in-line with legislation, guidance and the control of asbestos regulations.

Our consultants help clients with the development of a comprehensive Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) to ensure the effective and compliant management of asbestos. If any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are found that are releasing airborne asbestos fibres or are likely to do so in the near future, the plan will advise whether the ACM should be repaired or replaced.

What is an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP)?

Asbestos Management Plans (AMP) provide details of how the asbestos within buildings, identified or presumed, is to be managed after an Asbestos Survey has been conducted. The AMP should include:

  • Who the Duty Holder is
  • Details of the Asbestos Register
  • Action Plan
  • Training Schedule
  • Communication Strategies
  • Contingency Plan
  • Emergency Arrangements

You can find out more information about what should be in your asbestos management plan here: Asbestos Management Plans Guide.

Do I need an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP)?

Before you can get an asbestos management plan you will first need to have an asbestos survey in order to determine if your building contains any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

You can find out what type of asbestos survey you need here: Asbestos Surveys Explained.

If asbestos is confirmed in your building, you will be required to have an asbestos management plan to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012. This is a requirement for all non-domestic premises in both the public and private sectors where asbestos can pose a threat to individuals or the environment.

Your asbestos management plan should be simple to understand, easy for the duty holder to update, and easy to access.

Whilst some companies continue to manage their asbestos on paper, many are now switching to online systems to help manage their compliance records. All of our asbestos testing, inspection, management, and documentation services are delivered via our asbestos management software NexGen.

Our aim is to provide all our clients with added value across their projects, no matter the size or complexity. This is why we offer NexGen free as standard to all our clients when they purchase asbestos management services with us. What’s more, if you require additional support in exporting your data held in NexGen to integrate with other systems, we have built our software with bespoke exporting enabled to help you achieve compliance and stick to your asbestos management plan.

What are my responsibilities?

As the duty holder, it is your responsibility to commission, deliver, and update the asbestos management plan. 

If you are managing asbestos if your property or assets, whether you are writing a new Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) or updating an existing one, it can feel like a daunting task. As members of Lucion Environmental, the market leader in UKAS accredited asbestos testing, inspection, and consultancy, our team of asbestos management consultants help to take the strain of managing your asbestos documentation and can conduct your AMP for you or help you to compile the information with consultation and support. 

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Want more details about what should be included in your Asbestos Management Plan, who should have access to the plan and how often it should be reviewed? Read our blog on Asbestos Management Plans for more information and get access to our FREE Asbestos Management Plan Checklist download: 

Asbestos Management Plans

Asbestos Management Plans

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