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Ground Investigation

Prior to undertaking environmental site audits on highways and rail networks, Site Ground Investigation must be carried out to enable these assessments.

Using tailored techniques to suit the requirements of the assessment, our professional remediation team will deploy specialist access equipment and plant, whilst working alongside survey teams to ensure an efficient turnaround time for our customers. Our personnel are highly experienced in working on complex sites especially those where underground services need to be taken into consideration.

In addition to this we can also carry out reinstatement works without the need for a separate contractor, ensuring a quicker turnaround time.

Our specialisms in this area include:

Coal tar investigation

Coal tar is a potentially hazardous carcinogenic material which was used in road construction and maintenance processes in the UK prior to 1980. European Directives which were implemented in the UK by The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 (HWR) and The List of Waste Regulations 2005 (LoWR) classify certain materials containing tar as Hazardous Waste.

Site investigations are essential prior to any work being carried out that may involve the excavation of materials containing coal tar.

We are able to undertake investigations that will not only identify the composition of the material but working alongside our dedicated team of surveyors, determine whether or not it is hazardous and provide recommendations for the safe disposal or reuse.


Pavement investigation

A pavement investigation determines in a systematic manner all conditions relevant to the design, construction and performance of the pavement. Over time pavement layers can deteriorate, by undertaking a pavement investigation the extent and cause of deterioration of a pavement layer can be identified. Not only does this investigation support the design of appropriate maintenance treatments, but also enables more strategic planning for future works.

By deploying specialist coring equipment and plant, our team are able to provide an accurate history of a road pavement from a core (trial hole).

The information from the investigation is then uploaded to a survey report which is accessed through our online risk management portal NexGen.

Dynamic cone investigation

This technique is used to determine the differing layer thickness of materials below ground level and the mechanical strength of a soil. This investigation is usually carried out to determine the strength of the ground and the resistance of the subgrade upon which roads may be constructed.

By deploying specialist Dynamic Cone Penetrometer equipment and plant, our team are able to work alongside our specialist survey teams to provide accurate quantifiable results and measurements.

The measurements are carried out using electronic transfer and data logging, with a measurement frequency that can secure detailed information about the soil conditions. The information from the investigation is then uploaded to a survey report which is accessed through our online risk management portal NexGen.

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