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At Lucion Services we understand the constraints of responsibility you face when managing your buildings and assets. Gathering compliance and risk management data and communicating it to your teams, contractors and other relevant stakeholders can be a painstaking task. However, we know it is essential to prevent any risk of exposure to hazardous substances and protecting your teams.

As the market leaders in Asbestos Risk Management, we aim to be innovative and provide the latest technologies to help you to manage your risks, protect your teams and achieve compliance. That is why we have produced our revolutionary 3D NexPlore Risk Management integrated software. 

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We know that communicating your risk management and hazards data can be a chore. Often, inaccurate or vague information can leave room for exposure risks. Or in some cases, entire rooms or even buildings may be deemed unsafe to enter due to a lack of accurate information. With NexPlore risk management, your data is visualised in 3D. Our highly accurate 3D  and 2D models incorporated with your risk management data, your teams and contractors can enter your buildings knowing exactly where in a wall or floor the risks are.

You will be able to discuss with your teams on the ground from a remote office and be able to picture what potential hazards and risks they have discovered with little to no effort.

BIM Risk Management

Access our interactive BIM Model and discover how NexPlore risk management can take the strain out of safeguarding and achieving compliance:

Risk Management Software

NexPlore risk management software brings all the information about your asset in one place allowing you to manage your risks remotely and protect your teams with more accurate measured extents and displays of information. Other benefits of NexPlore include:

  • Complimentary 2D Measured Plan, accurate to 20mm
  • 3D Visualisation
  • User-Friendly
  • Minimises Risks, through enhanced and easier asset management.
  • Manage Your Risks Remotely – can be populated with all compliance data
  • Bespoke To Your Building/Asset
  • Future-proof COBie-compliant geometric data
  • Promotes Cohesive Collaboration Between Office and Site Teams
  • Real Time Data – model updates automatically
  • Free Cloud-Based Software Accessible 24/7
  • Accessible To Teams/External Contractors/ Inspectors/ Stakeholders

View all of NexPlore’s benefits here: NexPlore Benefits Guide.

NexPlore 3D & 2D Modelling

With our revolutionary 3D BIM modelling, you will also have free access to our highly accurate, bespoke 2D drawings. Combined with our NexGen risk management software app, our digital drawings provide you and your teams with a 360 view of your buildings, assets, and hazards.

BIM Risk Management

Take a look at our example 2D floor plan digital drawings and discover how Lucion can make managing your hazards and risks a breeze.

BIM Risk Management


We understand that protecting your people and team is paramount. This is why we pride ourselves on delivering a fully comprehensive service efficiently helping you to have peace of mind knowing that you’re liability risks are controlled.

Our 2D Plans are produced on site and are available at the time of the information being synced. Draft reports contain an accurate plan along with accurate data as soon as site work is finished. The only aspect to be processed after site work will be the analysis. Your draft reports are therefore a lot more powerful and useful to you and your staff on site allowing you to minimise the risk of exposures immediately.

With nationwide coverage, we can conduct risk assessments, surveys, analysis and testing of your hazardous materials and potential risks efficiently. By inputting the data into our NexPlore system, your compliance and hazards data can be accessed by your team, external contractors and relevant stakeholders all in real time.

Future Software Developments

Our advanced 3D modelling is the first step in our digital journey of developing a paperless process to managing risks and hazards across large portfolios. We are taking steps to incorporate further hazardous data such as:

With Lucion, you will have access to the latest risk management software. Our systems will help you to achieve compliance, manage your buildings and assets and overall protect you, your teams and contractors from the risk of hazardous exposures.

Accreditation & Certification

We know protecting you and your organisation’s reputation is vital when managing risks and ensuring your team is safe. With over 15 years experience you can feel at ease when using our services knowing that we hold a multitude of certifications, accreditations, and awards from UKATA, UKAS, Alcumus, and ROSPA.

View all our Certifications, Accreditations, Awards and Memberships.

Sector Expertise

No matter what sector you operate in we can provide you with the NexPlore data for all your buildings and multiple assets that will help you to manage your risks safely and efficiently.

Achieve compliance with us and explore the sectors we work in:

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