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No matter what sector you’re in, keeping your properties up to date with the required safety compliance standards can be a headache.

Nexgen, the pioneering ‘cloud-based’ risk and asbestos management software developed by in-house Lucion Services developers, is designed by our clients, for our clients, to allow them to track the ongoing risks and multiple hazards associated with their property portfolio.

Nexgen links this overview to your properties’ timeline and workflow, ensuring you have all the information needed to implement safety improvements and give your portfolio a clean bill of health.

Established in 2012 as an innovative solution to managing multiple assets and various risks, NexGen provides:

  • Simple, fast onboarding of data from your current risk management system
  • Secure, backed-up data
  • Accurate, time-stamped activity logs
  • Transparent invoicing
  • Real-time data availability – access all documentation and site plans
  • Collaborative – control who has access to your data information and allow access for multiple stakeholders
  • Review project progress against deadlines
  • Input site data
  • Integrate data with other systems – exporting data made easy!

Risk Management SoftwareReduces room for human error – creates a uniform data management system accessible by all relevant stakeholders; building owners, asset and facilities managers, internal teams, external contractors, and auditors.

A Closer Look

All of Lucion Services services are delivered via our asbestos management software NexGen. As an innovative project management tool, NexGen gives full visibility of the project workload end to end, ensuring all department teams are working as efficiently as possible towards target deadlines.

From the NexGen dashboard, you can access information to all your site locations using georeferencing and track where you are on your project timeline. Using our asbestos management software, you can manage your hazardous risks, teams and contractors can all be done remotely and in real-time.

Risk Management Software

Discover how NexGen can help save you time and money by watching our short video:

Risk Management Software

Let’s Get Started!

Get started and take a look around NexGen free here. Once you have set up your account and logged in you can access the dashboard and download the app for free for Android. If you are new to NexGen we can help you to import data from your current systems as well as export data from NexGen to other software systems.

Want to know more about NexGen, how to get started and how to use it? Read our NexGen User Guide and discover how NexGen can help streamline your risk management:Asbestos Risk Management


With NexPlore, your risk management data is visualised in 3D. With our highly accurate 3D and 2D models incorporated with your risk management data, your teams and contractors can enter your buildings knowing exactly where in walls, ceilings or floors the risks are.

You will be able to discuss with your teams on the ground from a remote office and also be able to picture what potential hazards and risks they have discovered with little effort.

Take the next step in future risk and asbestos management software with NexPlore.

Risk Management Software

Learn more about our interactive 3D Model and discover how NexPlore can take the strain out of managing your risks:

Risk Management Software

Cost Saving & Efficiency

At Lucion, our aim is to provide all our clients with added value across all of their projects, no matter the size or complexity. This is why we offer NexGen free as standard to all customers. What’s more, if you require additional support in exporting your data held in NexGen to integrate with other systems, we have built the software with our customers in mind (enabling bespoke exporting).

A dedicated team of software engineers work every day on Nexgen and have a competitive advantage of being trained in all aspects of the industry. Our developers have working knowledge of all our business practices, from sales and management to surveying, laboratory work and accounting. We have adopted many tools and processes to make sure we continue to improve our offering and experience for customers.

By investing in our services you are signing up for the latest in risk and asbestos management software and technology, saving you time and money and ultimately safeguarding your teams, contractors and your reputation.

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