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Our team of NEBOSH qualified CDM consultants are experienced, trusted providers of CDM services and can act as an essential support for your CDM Principal Designer for your project, helping your team mitigate the risks to their health and safety.

What does a CDM Principal Designer do?

Previously known as the CDM Coordinator, the Principal Designer role has responsibility for the coordination of health and safety during the pre-construction phase of your project. The change was introduced in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations in 2015, to give responsibility for CDM during the design phase to an individual that has the ability to influence the design with health, safety and risk mitigation strategies in mind.

The Principal Designer is appointed by the client and coordinates the project design to be inclusive of health and safety and risk management.

How can a CDM Principal Designer help me achieve my project goals?

The Principal Designer considers all elements of health, safety, and risk to your team that they may encounter during your project. Essential on all projects that involve multiple contractors, the Principal Designer will put in place measures to take risk factors into consideration during the planning strategies, mitigating time delays and additional costs to your project.

Failing to appoint a Principal Designer at the correct time (before the construction phase and ideally during the planning stages) not only leaves you and your team open to potential risks to health and safety but also results in the duties of the Principal Designer falling to the client (or in the case of a domestic client, the duties will fall to designer/contractor in control of the domestic project during the pre-construction and construction phases).

What CDM Principal Designer services can Lucion provide?

Your Principal Designer may require additional support from a non-duty holder consultant to ensure all risk factors are accounted for during your project.

As a CDM Principal Designer support services, our CDM Consultants take the strain off your appointed Principal Designer, allowing them to concentrate on ensuring your project is designed with health and safety in mind.  Our CDM consultants implement a design risk strategy and carry out all the liaison and coordination with your wider design team. By integrating fully with your design team our consultants ensure an risk averse strategy, considering potential issues and hazards that may impact on the successful design and construction of your project.

Additionally, our team records evidence of the risk averse strategy, measures, and processes being implemented, giving you transparency and assurance that adherence to health and safety regulations are being met during your project. As part of our support service, our team takes control of the format and contents of your project’s health and safety file, develop, and collate information for inclusion in the file throughout your Principal Designer’s appointment.

What are my responsibilities?

For commercial clients, it is required that you make suitable arrangements for managing health, safety, and welfare during your project. Suitable arrangements should take into consideration the size and complexity of the project and should  include;

  • Preparation of a clear project briefing document
  • Appointment of competent duty holders including appointment of the Principal Designer, ensuring roles and responsibilities are clearly defined
  • Provide all relevant information and documentation to the other duty holders

Our CDM support services combine a consistent structured approach to professional proactive coordination and management. From a basis of sound construction knowledge and CDM experience, our CDM consultants can help you achieve your project goals safely in accordance with the capability requirements of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

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